Meli Kirkwood, MCN, CNS

Clinical Nutritionist in Savannah, GA.

Meli focuses on integrative and functional strategies creating a space for others to heal and feel well. With over 17 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry, her areas of specialization include metabolic health, energy + mood, performance + fitness nutrition, and, digestive health.

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, with an Italian Peruvian background, she is known for her charismatic and motivating personality, is passionate about helping individuals achieve their wellness goals, and is a forward-thinking and compassionate visionary.

Meli holds a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition and is a nationally board-licensed CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist). She holds a NASM Personal Trainer and multiple functional training certifications, as well as an AFAA Group Exercise Specialist certification with over 20 group fitness specialty certifications.

Her work in the fitness industry spans across well-renowned fitness facilities and corporate companies like AppleGoogleAmazon, and SCAD. One of her greatest achievements is working as a choreographer and convention presenter in the dance fitness world for Zumba Fitness. Her corporate wellness and nutrition programs have enriched many lives in healthcare, such as Kaiser Permanente. A few years ago, she extended her work virtually by serving the Bold community and hosting multiple seminars and workshops for the fitness and wellness industry.

Meli has taught over 600+ instructor workshops worldwide in the Dance Fitness arena and hosted over 5,000+ live-stream fitness and wellness classes. Her energy is contagious, and she loves to learn and study the human body. When she is not studying, she can be found cuddling with her Havanese pup Blueberry, or dancing alone in the middle of her living room!

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