Improving Health Through Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine

Read Some of our Success Stories from Patients in Savannah

Acupuncture is the only treatment that relieved my shoulder and back spasms which I sustained from overuse during training. I was impressed with the entire process as well as surprised at how relaxed I felt after the treatment. Bauer really helped me get back on my training schedule quickly. Acupuncture keeps my muscles relaxed and flexible while I’m training

Paul M.

For the first time in over 40 years my pain is gone and I no longer take any muscle relaxers or pain medicine of any kind, not even an asprin. The treatment I have received by Bauer Coslick has given me my life back and hope for the future. If you suffer from any kind of soft tissue muscle pain or spasms I strongly urge you to call and give acupuncture a try!

Ben W.

For the past 15 years, IBS has controlled where I go and what I do. Through acupuncture, herbs and nutritional recommendations, Bauer has helped me to get my life back! Giving acupuncture a try was the best decision I have ever made! Skeptical at first, I am living proof of the effectiveness of these treatments. Bauer really listened to my issues and put all my concerns to rest.

Susan H.

After my mother unexpectedly passed away, I began having a very hard time sleeping. Medications didn’t help much and the problem just seemed to get worse. Per recommendation of some friends that had success with acupuncture, I decided to give it a try. After seeing Bauer for a few sessions my sleep was so much better and emotionally I felt as though a weight had been lifted! Thanks for helping me through such a tough time! I now see Bauer on a regular basis because the treatments help me to feel more energized and they help alleviate my job stress tremendously.

Emily P.

I recently completed intravenous chemotherapy.  Due to the chemotherapy, I experienced increased pain in my bones and joints, especially in my knees.   I also experienced an increase in pre-existing migraines and my migraine medication was no longer effective.  After only a few sessions of acupuncture with Bauer Coslick, I noticed a marked decrease in migraines AND my knees no longer kept me awake at night with the pain.  I would (and have) recommended acupuncture as an alternative method to reducing pain from various ailments.

Marla H.