Herbal Medicine

Herbal formulas addressing life’s health challenges

What is Chinese herbal medicine?

Savannah herbal medicine. Oriental Medicine has used herbal formulas to address life’s health challenges for thousands of years. These time-tested herbal formulas gently address heath issues such as colds and sore throat, stress, sleep disturbances, skin disorders, and health and immune boosting tonics. Herbal formulas are a safe effective natural therapy that can complement any type of treatment. Appointments in Savannah are available for herbal and supplement consultations. Please contact Bauer Coslick, L.Ac. for more details.

Herbal Pharmacology

  • ž Each herb as multiple properties: nature, temp, channels entered, functions and indications
  • ž Over 300 single herbs
  • ž Groups of herbs are then placed into categories
  • ž There are 40 or more categories and subcategories (ex. stop bleeding, tonify, drain damp, release the exterior)

Herbal Formulas are made up of 2 or more single herbs prescribed in specific dosages depending on chief complaint, root cause, and symptom management.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM?

Chinese Medicine is a complex holistic system that uses a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic methods such as acupuncture, herbal formulas, pulse diagnosis, and nutritional counseling to return the body to balance. Learning about your health history, diet, and lifestyle will help us to better understand the root cause of your problem and effectively treat it. Problems that occur in the body are not viewed as an isolated set of symptoms, but rather pieces of a puzzle that create a picture. This picture is seen as a unique disease pattern and treatment plans are then tailored to meet your individual health concerns.

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