We at Statesboro lyme disease testing treatment specialists in Statesboro ga understand the need to treat lyme disease effectively. Lyme disease is a very tricky condition and is most often diagnosed as another illness, like the flu or chronic fatigue.  

This disease is caused by bacteria transmitted by ticks. If you start developing any early symptoms, like a spreading rash, constant headache and/or joint pain and have found yourself getting easily fatigued you should see a Statesboro Lyme Disease testing specialist as soon as possible to ensure quick attention if Lyme Disease is the case.

The Importance of Lyme Disease Treatment

At Vitality Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine in Savannah, we specialize in the functional medicine treatment of disease and provide a series of advanced lyme disease tests in order to properly treat our patients.  With our expertise and medical knowledge, we never over-medicate our patients, or treat them for the wrong diseases.  This is especially important for Lyme’s patients, because left untreated, the signs of the illness may go away, but will reappear with additional symptoms.  This additional and worse symptoms that arise when Lyme Disease is left untreated can include:

  1. Facial palsy – paralysis of facial nerve
  2. Meningitis – causes headache, fever and stiff neck
  3. Nerve inflammation – causes numbness and tingling in the limbsro
  4. Shooting pain
  5. Muscle weakness
  6. Brain swelling
  7. Shortness of breath
  8. Inflammation of  the brain and spinal chord
  9. Short term memory loss

How Vitality is a Different Medical Practice

Our lyme disease testing and treatment specialists in Statesboro ga utilize natural medicinal practices to promote healing.  We also treat the actual disease and not just aim to temporarily stop the symptoms. This way of functional medicine practice provides our patients more assurance and more value. Our expertise ensures that you are being treated for the disease that is really there, and prevents wrong medications and false assumptions.  Make an appointment today if you’ve experienced any symptoms associated with Lyme Disease to get the proper testing and treatment.