Don’t stay in pain, having no answers for your condition.  Make an appointment with our pain experts at Vitality Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine in Savannah.  With our chronic pain management and headache treatment Statesboro Ga, our care is centered on finding the source of your migraine pain and building up a longterm answer to mitigate that pain. Our specialists provide a careful assessment that incorporates a physical examination and demonstrative tests, for example, blood tests, or MRI or CT checks, to determine the reason behind headache pain. Our experts approach demonstrative innovation to enable them to outline an individualized arrangement of care.

Multidisciplinary care of Statesboro chronic pain management and headache treatment Statesboro, Ga addresses the physical, emotional and environmental elements that may cause headaches to resolve a far reaching alleviation of the pain. We give analysis and treatment to end chronic headaches, migraines, and group and strain headaches. Treatment alternatives can include:

  • Preventive or pain administration medications that are appropriate for you- avoiding over prescription of symptom-masking pills.
  • Lifestyle alterations, for example, diet and nutrition, exercise and stress management  
  • Treatments of different conditions that cause headaches, for example, rest issue or symptoms of different medicines or an underlying disease or disorder.
  • Pain management treatments, including acupuncture therapy.

Our Treatment Objective

The objective of pain treatment is to eradicate or reduce your pain with the goal that you can carry on a healthy, dynamic, and beneficial lifestyle. To finish this, we utilize a mixture of interventional methodology and medicine and therapy to enable patients to oversee and decrease pain caused by a combination of orthopedic conditions and injuries and ailments.

At Statesboro chronic pain management and headache treatment practice we work to build up a pain treatment design most appropriate for your unique condition and needs.  A pain management authority utilizes a scope of ways to prevent, assess and treat pain issue. Pain management experts are prepared in various different specialties to end your suffering and get you on the road to full health. We are specialized in treating almost every problem. Our holistic approach helps you to live your life in the best way.