As a Functional Integrative Medicine Doctors Practice in Savannah Ga we strive to help you get better instantly and safely using the best and most natural integrated medicine approach. Functional medicine envelops a productive and progressive approach towards assessing, preventing and curing chronic diseases. Integrative Medicine practitioners identify the root cause of the physiological dysfunctions and through best possible service improve the dysfunctions.

In Savannah Ga we provide the best functional medicine systems which reveal the reasons why the symptoms appeared in someone.  Vitality Savannah is not just about treating or suppressing the symptoms. Our services are truly dedicated towards making a healthier community by analyzing the conditions of our patients. Human health condition is somewhat like puzzle, and our highly experienced and trained practitioners solve those puzzles to reveal the core cause and treat accordingly. The integrated approach results in a more fruitful healing process for our patients.

Principles of Integrated Medicine

Each individual is different, as well as their environment. To configure the actual cause of the dysfunctions in every individual there is need for a patient oriented approach.  That’s why at our practice of Savannah Functional Integrative Medicine Doctors Practices we work on few basic principles:

  • Analyzing the genetic and environmental uniqueness of each individual.
  • Patient-centered Treatment not Disease-centered.
  • Creating a dynamic balance between patient’s mind and body.
  • Establishing interconnection between various heath aspects and symptoms.
  • Balancing body for vigorous health and not just the elimination of disease symptoms.
  • A sheer science based approach symbiotic to the human body.

In simple terms, medicinal practitioners involved in strengthening of the human immune system, balancing metabolic functions and regulatory systems, analyzing toxicity and inflammation and most importantly creating harmony between the forces of life and nature.

Our Functional Integrative Medicine Doctors Practice in Savannah Ga believes in complete wellness through best integrative medicine practices and hence focuses on restoring dysfunctional systems through optimizing physiological causes and promotes a healthy patient lifestyle to nurture them appropriately.