Are you searching for natural menopause treatment in Hilton Head SC?  You’ve found the right website.  Vitality Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine in Savannah is a functional medicine practice focused on actual healing, not over-medicating to briefly treat symptoms.  The professional holistic doctors at Vitality do the right tests and perform the right treatment plans to heal your menopausal symptoms and provide fatigue treatment.  Sometime around a woman’s mid-forties, a woman’s ovaries start to produce fewer estrogen and testosterone hormones. There are numerous symptoms that are linked with this hormonal decrease. We understand how you feel, and so we provide you with the best and most natural hormonal balancing treatments near Hilton Head SC.

Method of Hilton Head Natural Menopause and Fatigue Treatment?

The method of saving you from fatigue includes a hormone replacement therapy. It is a treatment that  develops the combat hormonal imbalance which is related to perimenopause and menopause. These symptoms are most common with women 40 years of age and older, but it can appear earlier due to surgery and other medical conditions.  We have a mention at Vitality Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine to make you feel better.

  • Our holistic doctors address the problem at its source: hormonal imbalance.
  • Hormone replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms to balance out the hormones again
  • Help women overcome hormonal fluctuation symptoms.
  • To get our patients back to feeling like themselves
  • We do this effectively, safely and naturally

Many women face symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and fatigue that can makes it quite tough to maintain the same quality of life and mental wellbeing as before.  The most common symptoms of include: Weight gain, night sweat, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, fatigue, irregular periods.  These symptoms can be successfully treated through Hilton Head natural menopause and fatigue treatment. For more information on how to combat your menopausal symptoms the most natural and effective way, call Vitality Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine today.  We will discuss with you your options to get back to your former self again.  We provide natural women’s health options in Hilton Head SC, Bluffton SC, Pooler GA, Augusta GA, Statesboro GA, Hinesville GA and Brunswick GA at our Savannah office.