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5 Important Digestive Enzymes

Five Important Digestive Enzymes Vitality Savannah Acupuncture Each major food group has a specific type of enzyme responsible for its breakdown. Deficiency in any of these enzymes can lead to a wide range of common intestinal troubles. There are five major digestive enzymes that need
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Acupuncture Blocks Stress Hormones

Georgetown University Medical Center and University of Hong Kong researchers find acupuncture effective for the treatment of chronic stress. In a unique laboratory investigation, researchers discovered that electroacupuncture at acupuncture point ST36 “prevents the stress-induced incr
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Herbal Detox – Support your Liver and Kidneys

Herbal Detox – Support Your Liver and Kidneys Vitality Acupuncture Savannah Milk Thistle is considered a liver cleanser or rather an herb that protects the cells in the liver. Research has shown that it increases levels of glutathione, an amino acid that helps to remove toxins f
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Quick and Healthy Beet Hummus with Fennel

Quick and Healthy Beet Hummus with Fennel Vitality Acupuncture Savannah If you like beets, and you like hummus, you’ll love this beet hummus recipe that celebrates Spring and the beginning of beet season (April-June) in Georgia.  It contains healthy folic acid which is a B compl
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Probiotics : A Quick Look

The Skinny on Probiotics Probiotics is a general term for living microorganisms — usually known as “friendly” bacteria, or yeast — that have health benefits in the body. Many are similar to organisms that are naturally found in the body, especially in the diges
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  • Relive Headaches Savannah

Reduce Migraine and Headache Pain with Acupuncture

Acupuncture Offers Migraine Relief This is a great article discussing the effectiveness of acupuncture on headaches and migraines. It’s important to first understand the underlying causes of the headache to properly treat it.  Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be used alone
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Melatonin – natural sleep aid

You hear of people taking melatonin for sleep, but does it actually work? Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland and has gained popularity as a natural sleep aid with no side effects. In some cases it works very well for people and for other folks not so much. Levels of m
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